Cowboys vs Texans

Now, all of our attention can be paid to said silly football game. That doesn’t mean we take it any less seriously. In our final warmup for the regular season, we reached out to Texans Wire writer Cole Thompson for some intel on who exactly are the 2018 Texans and what do they have in store.

It’s been two years since the two sides waged war, wisely falling back in 2017 as rescue and recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey took obvious precedent over a silly football game.

The battle for bragging rights is on as the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans prepare to square off for the Governor’s Cup on Thursday night.

It’s mentally where I think he might struggle his first few games back. Take a look back at Robert Griffin III and remember the leg injury he suffered. He rushed back too quick, quickly reinjured himself and never was able to be the same player. With the Texans offensive line, it’s easy to see Watson might have been flustered in the last preseason game against Los Angeles.

Texans Wire: Is he 100% right now? I would say no, he isn’t.

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